Childbirth prep

ACCESS Childbirth preparation courses

Citra Natarajan gives Hypnobirthing Classes and Child birth Classes at Praktijk DOM. Chitra also gives Childbirth Preparation Courses through ACCESS for Expats and other English speaking parents-to-be.

The new dates are:

March/April 2019 
Friday, March 29th
Tuesday, 2nd April
Friday, 5th April
Tuesday, 9th April
May 2019
Friday, 10th May
Tuesday, 14th May
Friday, 17th May
Tuesday, 21st May
June 2019 
Friday, June 6th
Friday, June 13th
Friday, June 20th
Friday, June 27th


Some of the topics covered include:

  • What to expect with the health system in the Netherlands
  • Prenatal bonding & positive womb experience
  • Active stages of labor, What happens in your body and when to call the midwife/hospital
  • Different types of breathing for contractions & pushing stage
  • Pain management & ways to cope with labor
  • Partners involvement in pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum
  • Pain relief possibilities
  • Various positions for birthing
  • C-section & vacuum delivery
  • Skin to skin contact & breastfeeding information
  • Referral to other important websites & courses
  • First weeks after childbirth & bonding
  • Postpartum blues & depression
  • Any other questions

* The costs of the course may be reimbursed from your health insurance. ACCESS, however, bears no responsibility for this process. Please check with your insurance company for details yourself.

Registration can be done by signing the form at the ACCESS website or with Chitra