Childbirth Classses

Childbirth Preparation Classes in English

Offering a comprehensive Childbirth Preparation program in English which promotes a natural approach to Childbirth, with the philosophy of Lamaze.

baby ontspannenPreparation for Birth as Normal & Natural Process.
The course covers the following:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy & Development of the Baby in the trimesters
  • Nutrition & Healthy eating habits during Pregnancy
  • Various Presentations of the baby
  • Writing a Birth Plan
  • Pain Management & Natural ways of coping with Pain
  • Exercises to Tone the muscles during trimesters
  • Preparing for Labor & Childbirth
  • Getting ready for Breastfeeding, Postpartum & Early Parenting

The program is conducted over 2 evenings, or a saterday and sunday morning.
chitraFor more information please get in touch with Chitra Natarajan / / 06-43061731.

Chitra also gives Hypnobirthing Classes at Praktijk DOM:
and classes through ACCESS:


Lamaze Philosophy

The mission of Lamaze International is to promote, support and protect natural, safe and healthy birth through education and advocacy through the dedicated efforts of professional childbirth educators, providers and parents.

The Lamaze philosophy of pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy is a normal, natural life event.
  • Women's bodies are perfectly designed to nourish and nurture their babies through pregnancy.
  • The months of pregnancy are necessary for babies to develop and grow, women's bodies to prepare for birth and for women to become mothers.
  • Pregnancy provides an opportunity for mothers and fathers to begin forming lifelong bonds with their babies.
  • A good support system, a healthy lifestyle and the ability to cope with the stresses of life, promote a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and a healthy baby.
  • The health care system and the care provider can increase or diminish women's confidence in the normalcy of pregnancy and in their ability to have a healthy baby.
  • Lamaze education empowers women to gain confidence in their bodies, to trust their inner wisdom and to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, breast feeding and parenting.

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Lamaze introduces push for your baby, an awareness effort designed to provide expectant parents with the support and information they need to push for the safest, healthiest birth possible. For videos featuring moms (and dads) telling their personal childbirth stories visit