ACCESSible Support

Group support for adjustment & mental health concerns from the ACCESS Counseling Network

Aiding new and established internationals to deal with the changes, challenges and stressors of life in a country and culture they now call ‘home’ is a task of the ACCESS Counselling Services Network (CSN). Until now, the counsellors of CSN only offered individual support. This has changed: as of 3 May 2017, group support will be introduced: ACCESSible Support.

ACCESSible Support
Counsellors Stephen Davies and Katarina Gaborova have launched a year-long pilot mental health support group on 3 May 2017 for members of the international community. Each session costs €10.00 , will be offered in English with a maximum of 15 participants (on a first- come first-served basis). The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 3 May 2017, 8 pm-10 pm in the building of Praktijk  DOM in Utrecht. Details about the location can be found on

The group will meet the first Wednesday of every month. You are not required to join every month, although you can do so if you want to.

What to expect?
The group will be useful for people with mental health issues such as mood and anxiety problems, somatic complaints (e.g. pain, fatigue) and adjustment to major or stressful life events. Each month the session will focus on one topic of interest from building self-esteem, to challenging negative thought patterns, developing functional communication skills, improving sleep habits and learning effective relaxation techniques.The topics will be chosen based on feedback from the attendees.

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